Rabu, 20 Maret 2013

The Girl Who Wore Her Own

We never had money. All I had to wear was a heart, so I wore it on my sleeves. It did not take long before even that started to dim.

It was not much of a jewelry, it didn't shine the way jewels are supposed to, but I guess that's exactly why everyone noticed it.

The pendants, the rings the girls in my school wore, they only take money to own. But to wear a heart, they say, it takes bravery.

But I did not put that on because I was being brave. I wanted something to show, something that shines. I was desperate not to be different.

I thought, I'd shine the way they did. Then I' be one of them. One thing I did not know, a heart does not shine because it reflects light.

A heart shines because it burns.

I didn't understand why back then everyone tried to snuff it out. Some hated it, some tried to protect it. I didn't know what was happening.

Sure enough, soon after, the fire died on its own. At first it grew dimmer, and then it became cold.

It took a while before I finally noticed it. By then, it was already a dry, charred piece of charcoal.

So I took it off my sleeve, and put it back where it used to be. I thought it would return to what it was, but it didn't.

I still have no money. And I no longer have a heart to wear.

Twitter, March 17, 2PM

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